V-TETAG Manufacture of wooden containers, pallets, wood processing
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Drevené palety, Euro palety, jednorázové palety

Products and services

  • Cutting of the roundlog
  • One-time-use pallets
  • Special pallets
  • EURO-pallets
  • Wooden containers
  • Packaging in place
  • Wood drying
  • Product transportation


V-TETAG, s.r.o. was established in 2004. It rose up by the separation from Collective Farm in Dolné Saliby, where was integrated as a sideline. V-TETAG, s.r.o. , as a family corporation, is a limited liability company with 3 managing directors. From the beginning until present days the company is in business on the sphere of manufacture of the wooden containers, packagings, pallets, boxes etc.



V-TETAG s.r.o.

925 02 Dolné Saliby 782
Identification No. : 36260959

Tel./Fax.: +421 31 7853175
e-mail : vtetag@vtetag.sk
www : www.vtetag.sk