V-TETAG Manufacture of wooden containers, pallets, wood processing
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About us


V-TEGAG, s.r.o. was established in 2004. It rose up by the separation from Collective Farm Dolné Saliby where was integrated as a sideline. V-TETAG, s.r.o. , as a family corporation, is a limited liability company with 3 managing directors. From the beginning until present days the company is in business on the sphere of the wooden containers, packagings, pallets, boxes etc.

The manufacturing is situated on the own area of the company in Dolné Saliby. The production facilities are in the ownership of the company. All of the manufacturing, commercial, financial, economical and technical activities related with our business are performed by the employees of the company. Our goal is to be a dynamically developing company, to widen the range of our products and services, offer products and services abreast of the standards of the European Union, strengthen our market position in the region. In our interest is not to develop our commercial activities only on the domestic market, but also on the stronger competitive international market.

The long-term success of the company we want to achieve by the high quality of the production and credibility towards all of our customers. The company is ready to respond to all of the market demands and to meet the needs and wishes of the customers. The product range is often adapted to the requirements of the customers.